What’s All This Talk About a Kingdom

Dr. Toussaint explains concisely and with simplicity that the Bible begins and ends with the motif of the kingdom. To properly interpret the Scriptures it is necessary to have a fundamental understanding of what is meant by the term kingdom.

Thomas Constable’s Notes, Vol. V

The notes of Dr. Thomas L. Constable on the Minor Prophets, Hosea – Malachi. Volume V.

Thomas Constable’s Notes, Vol. IV

The notes of Dr. Thomas L.Constable on the Major Prophets, including the books of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel, and Daniel. Volume IV.

People Come In Four Sizes

In this simple to understand booklet, Dr. Stanley Toussaint explains that the Bible talks about four different spiritual sizes of people. Which one are you? Dr. Toussaint helps readers to understand how they can become the ideal spiritual size.

Introduction to the New Covenant

In Jeremiah 31, God declares He will make a New Covenant with the house of Israel and the house of Judah. How we understand that covenant has tremendous importance for every area of theology. An Introduction to the New Covenant examines the covenant to discover who are the recipients of the promised blessings, and concludes that the New Covenant is intended exclusively for Israel and Judah.


From the Greek pro (before) and legomen (we speak), prolegomena refers to preliminary or introductory words on a course of study. Prolegomena on Biblical Hermeneutics and Method, 2nd Edition, explores four important pillars that support a Biblical theology, and provides guidance on how we can study and understand the Bible for ourselves, along with background on how others have understood the Bible throughout history.

Don’t Get Married Until…

In this first volume of “The Think About It Series,” Dr. Stanley Toussaint offers some poignant suggestions about things to consider before getting married. Don’t Get Married Until is both concise and straightforward, and is designed to be helpful to those of all ages who are considering marriage.

The Bible in Government and Society

The Bible in Government and Society explores Biblical perspectives on issues like human rights, the sanctity of life, church and state, social responsibility, environmental concerns, sexuality and marriage, parental responsibility, plurality of ideas, self-defense, just war, and the impact of end times prophecy on politics. The Bible in Government and Society attempts to fairly represent contemporary cultural challenges and their Biblical responses, and makes that case that the Bible is timeless and relevant for any era, providing answers and hope for every aspect of life.

Thomas Constable’s Notes, Vol. III

Dr. Thomas L. Constable’s third volume of notes on the Bible, covering Job through Song of Solomon. Volume III.

Thomas Constable’s Notes, Vol. II

Dr. Thomas L. Constable’s second volume of notes on the Bible, covering Joshua through Esther. Volume II.

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